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AFDW promotes the increased political activity and influence of Democratic women in Arkansas politics and government. 

We provide training and support for Democratic Women working in party organizations, campaigns, and/or seeking the party or public office. We work to promote increased representation of women in party and government institutions.  AFDW will promote legislative, executive, and judicial policies that enhance the equitable representation of women in party and government affairs.


Members are encouraged to support  Democratic candidates of their choice. The organization as a body endorses the nominees of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. 


AFDW logo 2021.png

The Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women is the oldest of the Auxiliaries of the Democratic Party of Arkansas.


The organization formed in 1933 as a result of women’s involvement with the election of Hattie Caraway to the United States Senate. Women’s Democratic Club was the original name and the Local Clubs were known as Units. Records documenting the organization from 1934 to the early 1970s were discovered in 1997. The name changed in 1972 when the  National Federation of Democratic Women formed and Arkansas’ Democratic women became affiliated. There was a national organization in existence prior to 1972; however, few records are available to enlighten in detail.


The formal organization of Arkansas’s Democratic women has existed continuously as a viable force in the history of the Democratic Party and political activity in Arkansas from its inception to the present.  

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